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Whether you’re starting a practice cold, ready to grow an existing practice or looking to transition your practice, wEyes Guys has the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way.

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"wEyes Guys Consulting provides ODs timely resources and practical advice that you can use in your everyday practice, no matter the modality. Because they continue to see patients daily and have a background as a past or current state leader, they know how to navigate reimbursement issues, human resource concerns, and practice management topics while keeping everything patient centered. This is why the OOA has partnered with wEyes Guys to provide top notch education to its members. Not only do I respect them as exceptional eye care providers, but also as a trusted colleagues and leaders."


Elizabeth Muckley, OD, FAAO

Director of Optometric Services, NE Ohio Eye Surgeons
Assistant Clinical Professor of Optometry, The Ohio State University
President, The Ohio Optometric Association